...to "Segfault Research " - the research and development division of Segfault Enterprises.

Segfault's top-notch researchers are relentlessly working to deliver the ultimate bleeding-edge technologies born from the wildest brainstorming sessions which took place in the most unexpected locations, created by programmers and project managers whose abilities were heavily hindered by recurring consumption of legal drugs.

All currently published programs have passed our craziest random low-quality control procedures, which in turn are strictly monitored by our extremely overpaid external junior auditors.
Experimental concepts undergo the same control procedures and in case of any faulty test results the future product quality is immediately restored through physical elimination of the servers hosting the misbehaving program/version and all project members that were in/directly involved.

Donations are welcome, through the published links.


The use of our software is optional.

All projects are developed in a amateurish manner and no guarantees are given concerning their security, correctness, reliability nor the in/direct consequences of their usage in combination and/or within reach of biological or inorganic devices.

Anybody or anything that comes in/voluntarily into contact with the software published on this site assumes all responsabilities that could derive from its installation, presence and use.

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