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First published on: 20-May-2014

There are some hard requirements (wxWidgets and llvm/clang)!
Please have a loot at the "Requirements" page!

Do the following once you have all the requirements in place or just want to give it a try:

  • Download the file (see at the bottom the links to the different versions).
  • Unpack the file:
  • Get into the unpacked directory:
    cd usbutton2key-0.1
  • Type "make":
  • Keep an eye on the output.
    If you see no nasty messages then from where you ran "make" you should find the file "./usbutton2key/Release/usbutton2key".
    You can run "usbutton2key" directly from there or copy it to your favourite directory - it does not have any other dependencies.


  • If when running "make" you see "clang++: command not found":
    You need to install the clang (for llvm) - this should automatically install as well the "llvm" compiler.
    Gentoo users: you'l potentially have to edit e.g. "/etc/portage/package.use/general" and add to it the line "sys-devel/llvm clang" (you'll be asked for it)

  • If when running "make" you see "fatal error: 'libconfig.h++' file not found" then it's because you did not install "libconfig".

  • If when running "make" you see a lot of errors coming from "myUI.cpp" and saying stuff like "error: use of undeclared identifier 'LsTemp'; did you mean 'sTemp'" then you don't have version 2.9 of wxWidgets:
    • Check that you have wxGTK 2.9 installed.
    • If you can have multiple versions installed at once then check that you're using version 2.9.
      Gentoo users: switch to 2.9 by selecting the correct one after listing the available ones with "eselect wxwidgets list".