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First published on: 03-Nov-2013

We're not sure if we'll use in the future anything that could be really considered a "module".
For the time being the only one that can be used and which resembles a module is the plotting engine "Highcharts", which you can use to dynamically zoom/drilldown into specific regions of a graph.


Additional fonts

To use your favourite fonts in the charts/graphs, copy your truetype font (".ttf") to the directory "[your_base_dir]/netxms-simple-dashboard/app/fonts/" and refresh the Graphs-page => you should then see your new font in the font-dropdown selection.

Zooming/Drilldown functionality

If, when in the "Graphs" section, you click on the "Zoomable graph" link of any chart/graph and get an empty page then you have probably not installed the "Highcharts" library.

We provide a version of "Highcharts" on this site which was tested with this utility and is kind-of-guaranteed to work with the current version of the utility.
We have absolutely no involvement with "Highcharts" itself and you can download the most current version from the Highchart project homepage.

Do the following to integrate "Highcharts" in the utility using the version we make available on this site:

  • download the file ""
  • unzip the file => a new directory called "highcharts" should appear
  • overwrite the directory "[your_base_dir]/netxms-simple-dashboard/app/graphs/graphengines/highcharts" with the one you have just unpacked.

If you now refresh the zoom-page (and allow the javascript to run) you should see the same graph you saw when you clicked on the link "Zoomable graph".